The word ‘Goa’ immediately conjures up images of sun kissed beaches, bright blue skies, fantastic night life, delicious cuisine and so on.  However it may surprise you to know that Goa has long been a popular destination for bird watchers too.  The dense vegetation found in this state makes it home to over 450 species of birds.
Over the years the concept of birding has picked up in Goa, and there are now several sanctuaries in the state. These include Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and Carambolim Lake in addition to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary to name a few. Apart from this, there are various bird watching tours that are organized regularly. There is even a bird watching festival held in Goa.
You may wonder how all this is connected to the gorgeous homes that Vianaar builds year after year. It is a well known fact that Vianaar incorporates several green initiatives into all its projects. All our boutique homes boast of lush greenery - beautifully landscaped gardens, long winding paths with majestic trees bordering them, carpets of multi coloured flowers which bedeck the grounds etc. The foliage surrounding the luxury apartments and villas is also home to the various species of birds that Goa is known for. Santaa Rosa Apartments, located in Siolim is one such bird watcher’s paradise.
This elegant set of apartments in North Goa boasts of stunning architecture. The apartments are so designed that they look like 4 big villas and each ground floor flat has its own private garden. Large spacious rooms, floor to ceiling glass windows with sheers that allow for sunlight to peep in, designer fittings and a range of top notch amenities all make this the perfect holiday home to unwind in. What makes it even more unique is that fact that one can view different kinds of birds from one’s own balcony. Home owner, Shormistha was delighted and fascinated by the variety she saw each morning. These ranged from Flameback Woodpeckers to the Indian Roller and two types of Kingfishers too. A birder friend of hers helped her identify over 22 species of birds that flock to the two trees near her balcony.


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